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Le Studio Marco Primeau


Le Studio Marco Primeau

I started to do audio work 38 years ago for live shows and never stopped. Althought my main job is an IT technician, I still enjoy recording, mixing and mastering music, voice over and publicity. 

I built my actual little studio slowly but I'm glad to say it pays off to take your time and get better and better. 

Using 16 highend preamps for a total of 22 digital inputs on a solid RME backbone, I'm pleased to be able to accomodate most projects including bands. I'm also able to offer 6 personnalised headphone mixes to help musicians feeling right at home. 

What is it with recording studios & the Herman Miller Aeron chair ?

It seems that just about every video you see on Youtube these days, whether it be of a studio tour or a how-to video by {insert well known mix engineer / mastering engineer / recording guru here} there almost always is a Herman Miller Aeron chair conveniently being sat on, in the background or somewhere in shot.

Look, I know they are good chairs, but seriously ?...has anyone else noticed this apparent phenomenon ?

How JoshUA Recording Studios Prefers to Track Drums!

Secrets of the newbies,

Hey guys, my name is JoshUA Hamilton and I own and operate a recording studio in Middletown, Ohio called JoshUA Recording Studios. You can check out some demos of my work at .

I am writing this article to maybe help some of you out there with questions you may have about pro recording and how the crap they get such awesome sounds and why your stuff doesn’t sound as good.

What do professional recording studios use to backup recordi

NOTE: I hope this is an acceptable forum to post this in, if not, I apologize.

This being the "digital age" I'm curious as to what professional recording studios back-up their data to. I mean obviously it would be a disaster if the Goo Goo Dolls (or whoever) lost all their latest sessions because they recorded at a studio that didn't have sufficient back-up and redundancy. Do studios still have 'Master Tapes'? If so, do they still use tape or do they use CD/DVDs? If they use CDs and DVDs, what brand would be the 'industry standard'?