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I've seen a couple of silver 1178's for sale on Ebay, usually described as a stereo version of an 1176. Sounded pretty intriguing, except that recently on one of these forums someone (sorry, can't remember who, but I think it was someone heavy) said that the 1178 in no way sounds anything like an 1176. The implication was clearly that it was an inferior beast. Cool, I thought, that is, until I was checking the mercenary website and saw an old (1996) Mix article written by Fletcher which sez: "The 1178 is a stereo/dual mono version of the 1176 with single controls." Fletcher does say it has it's own distinct character, and calls it "very useful".

So, anyone else want to weigh in on this? Also, anyone remember who it was or where it was that the negative criticism came from? I wouldn't mind rereading that post to refresh my memory.


mixfactory Wed, 10/31/2001 - 08:55

The 1178 sounds different than 1176(except for the silver one's). That doesn't make them not usefull. Its a color in the pallette. They are really good on a drum submix or on dull stereo overheads. Let your ears decide, everyone has their own opinions. I do know that Bob Clearmountain loves his(he has 2 of them), as well as TLA and CLA,JJP. But does that really matter?, if you like them that is what really counts.


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