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Reviews, comparisons and general information about pro audio equipment.

Audio-Technica ATH-Pack5 - unboxing and review

Hi RO members,
I cheaped out for too long about headphones quality in my studio and I thought you might be interested to know what I bought and how they seem to perform.

My later videos are not scripted like I did in the past, I sometime block on a word and seem lost for a few seconds, but I think it's all in good sport of making the effort to speak a second lagauge and trying to get better.. ;)

Icon Qcon Pro X control surface - Review

Some of you were curious about this controler when I brought it up in a discussion.
So I just finished and posted this video where I review it.
Sorry about the focus chasing.. I definitly need to used fixed focus in the future.
Also my accent is worst than usual. I guess I was a bit tired when I did it.
When I started youtube video I would script my texts, but I now improvise on the spot. It ends with more hesitations and langauge mistakes but I feel it's more natural.

Your comments and questions are more than welcome !

Mix Review Request - 2 Songs from "The 18:60 EP" by Rydi Brax

Hi all,

I just released my first production - an EP for my band Rydi Brax ( Although the EP is already released and it is too late to make changes, I would still highly appreciate feedback on two of the tracks, good and bad. One is studio recording and one is a live recording. "The 18:60 EP" is available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, etc if you wish to purchase it.

Many thanks in advance!

Can anyone give a review for - Sound Magic Serenade DSD Workstation?

Hi there,

I am seeking anyone with experience with the http://www.supremep…"]Sound Magic Serenade DSD/DXD Workstation[/]="http://www.supremep…"]Sound Magic Serenade DSD/DXD Workstation[/].

I am looking at recording an album in Native DSD, and it seems like this would provide all the features to record, edit and mix an acoustic album in DSD on a laptop.

My FIRST TIME posting here for review. help please

Hi guys its my first time here and I'm really excited to be part of this forum.
Here's a mix I'm currently working on, how does it sound on your end?
My ears are washed out mixing this track and my deadline to submit this is on Friday.
Im gonna need all the help that i can get at this point :)

thanks in advance and regards


Please review my mix (Bohemian Rhapsody)


I covered this classic rock song that fascinated me when I was younger with its brilliant vocals. Of course I am no Freddy Mercury and this is by no means an attempt to match the original, I did it for fun and because I learn a lot about production and mixing by trying to reproduce famous songs.

I am passionate about mixing and try to improve and learn everyday, which is why I would greatly appreciate any feedback you may have on my mix here:


CAPI VP-28 DIY preamp review - clips included

I first learned about CAPI gear on the forums. I was looking to dip my toes into the world of API sounds, not fully knowing what that meant. I had heard all the descriptors like punchy, forward mids, aggressive, tight, etc., but wanted to try it out for myself. So many great albums were done on API's, right? I lacked that flavor in my stable, so I clicked the order button on Jeff's website and ordered the VP28 mic preamplifier. It's a two-stage preamp with a lot on board and packed in a 500 series module.



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