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roland sh-101


Real Analog Synths (Roland SH-101, Access Virus A, SCI six-trak): [MEDIA=soundcloud]valentinobosi/crystal[/MEDIA]
Recs: MOTU 896 MK3, Radial Eng Direct Box.
Mixed and mastered ITB on Ableton Live.
I know it sounds amateur-ish. please I would love some feedback.

Worst keyboards of the '80s (or whenever)


First the the bad! I'll start it off...

- All the horrid FM ripoffs Yamaha made. There was one in particular that was the most gawdawful POS that I've purged the model number from my mind. It was a Y - something or other. More of a home keyboard with a gigantic volume knob on the left side. It also had these "channels" imbedded into the front panel linking various functions. If you stood it on end, it resembled a "stick man" doing a "jumping jack"...horrid!

Respect to my Yamaha homies but man...that thing was subpar.