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Roland TM-2, Drum Triggers and Cords

Hi all,

I am looking into buying a Roland Tm-2 but am a little confused about which cords I need to get to make my intended trigger setup work.

I intend to use a Roland PD-8 Dual Drum pad, a mono snare trigger, and a mono bass drum trigger.

Even though the TM-2 only has 2 inputs, I am pretty sure I can achieve this setup by using some kind of splitter with the two mono triggers.

Can anyone tell me if this setup is possible and which cords I am going to need to make it happen?

Thanks for any info!

Roland VS 1880 - transferring individual tracks onto other machine to be mixed and mastered m

Hi, i`ve done some recording on the 1880 and plan to do more . I`m not very techy and it took a long time to learn how to use this machine - I still have a lot to learn - but i`m happy to just be able to put tracks down and mix o.k. creating a decent soundscape . However, once played back on c.d. it sounds o.k. - but I`m missing a bit of spark or punch that a pro engineer i`m sure could remedy on a superior machine - i would ideally like to have a pro to spice it up for me . Does this sound doable ?

Roland VR-760

I recently began downsizing my guitar collection. I traded my Carvin custom made electric, for a Roland VR760. What a beast!. By the time you add even just the one SRX board, in my case the infamous SRX07 Ultimate keys card, WOW!.

As a second board to my Yamaha Motif XF8 its dynamite. Best of all, along with my Roland Cube Ex, I can haul the VR760 out for light gigs again!. Bonus.

Roland TD-11 and Pro Tools 10 volume problems

Hi all,

I have an 08 dual xeon Mac Pro running Pro Tools 10.3.1-ish.

I use the Mbox Pro as an interface bc, well, I think it's alright, and I'm not large enough to need a rack mount.

Using Roland TD-11's, running the 1/4" to 1/4" into channels 1 and 2 of the Mbox Pro, cranking the gains on it, cranking the gain on the armed track, and the volume of the TD-11's is still low. It's not peaking anywhere, it's just too low no matter how much you gain up.

Man...If only the hi hats were more realistic. BFD3/Roland demo

came across this while I'm watching tutorials on BFD and a bunch of others. I can totally 'live with this' level of realism and quality lol. The snare roll articulations are remarkable imo. Maybe I've just getting tricked by excitement on my part or hype of my speakers or the video.

The hi hat abrupt close is a bit of a sore thumb, being too loud, and quickly decaying/choking too obviously. Tone that back a bit, smooth it out, and man.

The ability to tune the enviornment and ambience is downright amazing.

Roland TR-808 + Fairchild 670 Samples

I came across this link while perusing the interweb of some Roland TR-808 samples through a Fairchild 670.

The Fairchild is the only one in Australia located at Studios 301 in Sydney, my home town, and undoubtedly the greatest city in the world...;)

The link takes you to the Studios 301 site which has a request download link button to download the sample pack.

These samples were put together by the team at Studios 301 & Liveschool.

I want to upgrade an input of my Roland VS 2480 ... With an api 205 di

1. Can I use the api 205 direct input module as a stand alone input?.. Granted i buy the chasse with the power supply... will turning down the input level of the VS2480, and turning up the gain on the api 205L be super effective? or not.

Digital Studio Workstation | Roland U.S.

http://www.rolandus…"]VS-2480: Digital Studio Workstation | Roland U.S.

API 205L:
Discrete Direct Input http://www.apiaudio… API 205L Discrete Direct Input