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Effect of session sample rates vsti samples

hey I've been looking into BFD 3 closely while its %50 off. When I looked on google someone in a forum said that BFD 3 samples were recorded at 44.1, so the computer has to re-sample in real time when your using it st any other sample rate in a session.

I was under an assumption that the sample sets in vsti were done at each sample rate supported by the plugin , as opposed to re calculated in realtime. Is this the common way in most vsti?

Roland TR-808 + Fairchild 670 Samples

I came across this link while perusing the interweb of some Roland TR-808 samples through a Fairchild 670.

The Fairchild is the only one in Australia located at Studios 301 in Sydney, my home town, and undoubtedly the greatest city in the world...;)

The link takes you to the Studios 301 site which has a request download link button to download the sample pack.

These samples were put together by the team at Studios 301 & Liveschool.

Help! Need files fixed, glitch every 96 samples.

Help, please!

I need help fixing these audio files. They were recorded at 48khz, 24bit through a Focusrite liquid 56 interface. The ASIO buffer was set at 96.

This has never been an issue before and I was monitoring direct (not through the DAW) so there was no apparent distortion. There are 4, 20-25 minute podcasts. 2 microphones in the same room.

As you will hear from this example, there is a crackle/distortion throughout, which gets more apparent as the signal gets louder.

Donny's Snare Samples, Free :)

I recently recorded some replacement snare drum tracks for a client to use as an alternative to a bad sounding VSTi snare sample that he was using on a song.

I figured I would make them available here for free to anyone who feels like they might be able to use them.

These aren't loops. These are single hit samples, so it'll take some time for you to drop these hits onto a track timeline.

They aren't really anything special or worth bragging about, simple snare tracks, recorded in my studio - which - LOL - ain't exactly Abbey Road. ;)