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se reflexion

SE Reflexion Filter

I'm always looking at portable devices. Also looking at the SE Reflexion Filter specifically for using a Royer ribbon which is a figure 8 pattern. I'm thinking this might help absorb the back end of the Royer making it viable way to record vocals with them in less than desirable room.

Anyone ever use one of these? Over 200,000 sold already.

SE Reflexion and Shure SM7B

Im starting to setup my studio again. Do you think this might be over kill for a clean vocal? Inside the SE Reflexion is the Shure SM7B. As you can see i have panels. So when i stand behind mic, there will be a panel behind me/back facing panel. The stand is directed between the two panels but is usually right in front of the one on the wall to left (with space of course for me to stand in between). Feel free to give opinions!  



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