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NEW SOUND FORGE Pro 12 - Your feedback is welcome!

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4 years 4 months
Dear community!

We're proud to celebrate 25 Years of SOUND FORGE with the latest release of SOUND FORGE Pro 12.
We were highly inspired by the last feedback thread here in the community and like to go for a second round! Please feel free to tell us what you like and dislike, and your ideas and wishes for future features!

The highlights of this version are the following:
- 64-Bit
- VST3 Support
- Wave Hammer 2.0
- DeClicker/DeCrackler
- DeHisser
- DeClipper
- POWR-R Dithering

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12 – Your feedback is welcome!

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4 years 4 months
Hello everybody,

We would like to take the opportunity and initiate our first round of feedback here in the community. We want to tailor this discussion around our new SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 12. Please feel free to tell us what you like and dislike, and your ideas and wishes for future features!

The highlights of this version are: 64-bit support, redesigned meters, repair and restoration plug-ins, Ozone Elements 7 from iZotope, non-destructive editing functions, updated audio effects, Spectral Cleaning, Elastic audio editor,and more.

NOOBish questions about VST plugins (looking for an sfx plug for old SoundForge)

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8 years 4 months
I am firing up my ancient SoundForge 6.0 facepalm again to doodle with some acoustic guitar audio and I thought it would be nice to have more sound-mutilation options than the standard ones I have. So... cheap, basic, hopefully easy, and compatible with this old program?... oh, and I figured it might be wise to ask somewhere like here instead of diving into unfamiliar download territory duh.

Sonar 8 and soundforge 9 barely coexisting...

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13 years 9 months
I managed to add soundforge 9 to the "tools" menu in Sonar 8 PE, and I'm even able to open audio files within soundforge to edit them (destructively, it is), but the thing is, every time I finish editing that one audio file and go back to sonar, the program (sonar) crashes!

I DO close the file in SF every time I finish with it, so I don't think it could be a matter of the file being contested over by both programs, so... what could it be?


sound forge 9 in Sonar 8 PE

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13 years 9 months
I'm drawing a blank here...

I used to have, some years ago, Sonar 3 PE and Sound forge 6. every time I right-clicked on an audio clip Sonar gave the option of editing it WITHIN SOUND FORGE (as if going to it, edit it and then close it and "come back" to the track view in sonar).

now I have Sonar 8 PE and SF 9 and I CAN'T DO IT! I can't find the way to use SF as my editing program within Sonar so I can edit and add effects to the clips (or to whole tracks).

SONY Sound Forge: How to Adjust Pitch to a Backing Track?

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21 years 2 months
In SONY Sound Forge, I'm using the Pitch Bend effect to make many adjustments to a vocal track, but I need to SIMULTANEOUSLY listen to the backing instrumental track to ajust the vocal. How can I listen to 2 audio tracks at the same time while adjusting only one of them?

auto trI'm feature in Sony Sound Forge

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21 years 2 months
This question is mainly focused on Sony Sound Forge, but if you know of another program that has a similar feature that's fine too. I'm looking for a program that will remove gaps of silence in an audio file. There are plenty of programs that have this so-called "auto trim" feature, but usually it's restricted to removing silence at the beginning or end of an audio file. I've done some research and according to the manual for sound forge, it's auto trI'm feature will remove gaps of silence of a specified duration.

How do I retain Sound Forge edits exporting to CD Architect?

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14 years 5 months
I am involved in an audio recording project and I need some quick advice. Let me say at the outset that I have tried the Sony email support option without success. We are talking back and forth on two different levels.

Here's a real Laugh-at-Me question (Sound Forge)

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21 years 2 months
So I got my Sound Forge all nicey nice and I'm recording four tracks at a time.

I got it because it it pretty hospitable to the amateur user, but I am a little too amateur to understand how I mix those four tracks into one stereo track...

Can anyone shred some light?