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2017 - 16 channel ADDA converter choices and why?

I need a new high quality 16 channel ADDA converter for my hybrid DAW system. I would also be looking for the best matching interface for this as well. Stability and sound quality is the goal. What would you choose and why?

Thanks for chiming in.

Observations on 2 Bus Gain Reduction

Gain Reduction can change the tone of your tracks. Sometimes for the better, adding a certain vibe or pleasing character to them - some like to use a hint of it on the master bus for "glue"... and I don't see a problem with that - in small amounts, I think it an often be beneficial - but - it can also be detrimental, too.

What's her name - new mix

@DonnyThompson @Chris @pcrecord

Hi Guys,

Per suggestions and comments, here is a new mix. I am working on new songs, but I just felt like knocking this one on the head, while I was in the mood. Bass has been tightened, voice fixed, over all mix redone. As usual all comments welcome :).



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trial mix on Event Opals

Greetings all,

Well, the time has come. After spending time getting my wiring etc done, I have done a real time mix down of a song I recorded and mixed in my crappy room last April. I will preface this by saying, I know the vocals have some pitchy bits, I was just getting back into singing after the hiatus of 10 years from having Bells Palsey. I apologize in advance.

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My journey into Hybrid mixing

Today was the baby step into this new way (for me) of doing recording and mixing. I was fairly certain (thanks to help from others here, audiokid in particular) about how to get going. Today braving the install of the RME HDSPe card into the Mac was step one. Before all that I had to setup power and network etc.

Orion32 Madi to MOTU Traveller Mk3.

I am, as audiokid knows, now in possession of more gear than I truly know what to do with :). I really would like to go as Chris says to go out one system into another. Here is my dilemma, I was going to use my iMac and run a second copy of Logic Pro X, which thanks to Apple I could. Trouble is, I can't fit it in the studio alongside the 32 inch screen the Mac Pro currently has.