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The 788 Digital Portastudio was designed to give you the latest in recording technological innovation while keeping the ease of use and superb value that's made Portastudios the best-selling multitrack recorders in the world.Its excellent audio quality and nonlinear editing capabilities make it perfectly applicable for even professional-quality recording projects. Plus, its built-in high quality effects make it a totally self-contained digital studio....just hook up a compatible CD burner to the SCSI port, and your album is ready to go.

The various inputs on the 788 can accept mic and line levels. A HiZ switch is also provided so you can plug your guitar or bass directly into the 788. Stereo outputs for mixing down, monitor outputs to send audio to your speakers and aux outputs are all included on individual connectors. Also, MIDI In and Out jacks are provided for syncing your audio tracks to synthesizer and software-based sequencers or other devices that use MIDI Time Code, MIDI Machine Control and MIDI Clock. A S/PDIF digital output makes it easy to send your audio to CD and DAT recorders for two-track masters.

Tascam 788 Help, No Sound after pre-master?

I got the Tascam-brand CD/RW Drive for the 788, and I'm having a problem with transfering the music data to the outboard drive. The SCSI connection is recognized, and I've tried all the valid SCSI IDs for the drive (reserving IDs 0 and 7, per the 788's manual). I always get the following result after a premaster:

Help Needed with Tascam 788 output

Hi, I sincerely hope someone here can help me with my digital recording, as it has been driving me round the bend trying to get answers to these. I apologise if these questions are a bit moronic, but all the manuals I got with my equipment seem to skip over all the key information.

My recording set-up: