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Neve 1073 vs ISA/trident

Hey yall. Im trying to narrow down what makes sense for a channel strip for general purpose usage. Vocals, voice over, acoustic and electric guitar, and ambient mic.

The Neve 1073 pre/eq and the Focusrite isa 2 with the trident 80b 500 series eq, both have my interest. They are similarly priced, with the isa/80b being a stereo setup, Neve would be mono.

Trident 65 series modifications

I'd really appreciate recommendations on modifying a trident 65 series power supply
plus any recommendations on replacing op amps or power capacitors if someone actually had 'em done and experienced improvements on the sound. My tech is very good with anything on his field, with is fixing any sort of electronic equipment, but has no recommendations to make, in this case. Thanks

Trident S40 by John Oram-mods.

I recently had the pleasure of working on a Trident S40 by John Oram. First let me say the unit was well constructed for repair and modifications. It came apart in about 1 minute, and the circuit board was clearly labeled and easy to work on. The unit had a grounding issue with the XLR input, but otherwise fully functional. I did at the owners request change some of the TL071 op-amps to OPA627's. As well the NE5532 were swapped out for OPA2134's. Overall I would say the sound is bit more lively.

Trident 80b 30 Pin Tuchel connections

Can someone tell me what the destination points are for each of the rows on the underside
Tuchel Connectors labelled as follows:

  • 2TR IP/OP
  • DELAY DEVICE OUTPUTS 1-8 (only 5 auxes? why 8 outs?)

Are the patch panel line ins the only way to bring Pro Tools converters into the board?

Thanks in advance.

Trident Vector 432 - A classic old lady

We are selling our old trusty Trident Vector 432 52channel desk as a whole or in parts. Interested?
50 channel strips, 2 triple line-input channel strips, 2 dynamics modules (8x comps/gates), patch bay, center section with bus-compressor.
Most channels need recapping and some channels have different minor faults (mostly just dusty switches, or a few burnt capacitors on mic-inputs) but my mixes sounds great on this desk. Warm, grungy and fantastic on rock and acoustic music.

Calibration between Pro Tools HD2 and Trident 80B

here is Sebastien Again, I've already posted something about my Trident 80B
but I forgot to mention something . Calibration !
Can someone give me a good tips to make a right Calibration between my Pro Tools system and my console.
I've already used the oscillator with 1khz to adjust the Trident 0db but I'm getting a bit confused... :? Thanks for your help, friendly Sebastien

Trident 80B

Hi my name is Sebastien, I'm an happy Trident 80B owner and i have a
Ok I used to record with my trident and send my stuff in Protools..I mix in Pro Tools (cause I haven't total recall) and I send my playback again in the Trident. Should I use the stereo out Bus from the trident to get the all summ in Pro Tools ? or there is a better way through the trident to do this ?
Thank you very much, friendly Sebastien