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Midas Venice, Toft ATB, or Trident 8T

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21 years
I'm wanting to get a small analog console for my studio. I've used a Ramsa DA7 for around 8 years, it died, and I want to move on. I can get a Midas Venice 320 for less than $3700 shipped. The other consoles I'm thinking about (Trident and Toft) are in range budge-wise as well. I am just wanting some feedback/recommendations/opinions... Thanks. Just trying to come to a conclusion SOON.

Trident S100 sound?

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21 years

I have been looking at the Trident S100 console.
I don't have access to it myself so I can't here it live as of now.

I have found alot about the S100 vs. soundtech discussion but no one talks about how it actually sounds. So if any have comments about the sound it would be great.

I have used Series 65 consoles before and really dig the Trident sound. I ofcourse don't except the S100 to sound like the S65 but if it sounds nice in itself I will be happy.

Looking forward to hear from you.

Trident s20 - Lovers? Haters?

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21 years
Hey guys. Little home studio question. I'm running with Cubase SX on a PC, with a Presonus Firepod, a couple xml 603s condensor mics for acoustic guitar, and a shure ksm27 for vocals. I'm in the market for a two channel (or two one channel) preamp. I was originally thinking to buy two single channel Presonus Eurekas, but a few people have been steering me towards the two channel Trident s20. Any thoughts?


Noisy Trident S20 -- What to do...?

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21 years
I was recording at home last night and had to switch from my Trident S20 to a Digi 002 Rack simply because of too much noise.
We were recording an acoustic using nice condenser mics and getting all kinds of hiss and unwanted subtle noise. We tried everything: switching mic cables, ground lift, turning lights in the house off, different mics, and it didn't go away until we switched over to the Digi 002.
My question is: Does anyone know anything about this Trident being noisy? Or did I miss something? Any suggestions?
Any help would be greatly appreciated.