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Anyone have anything good/bad to say about these mixers?
We have the 508, and were thinking about getting some higher-end converters for it, just as a separate rig.

I like the sound of the board. I found this link, but there is nothing of real value in it.
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If they are really selling for that much, anyone want it for a few hundred less? It's in almost perfect condition.

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moonbaby Mon, 08/03/2009 - 07:56

That's because they haven't made the M508 in many years. That board superceded the PM430 back in the days of analog. The 508 is well-made, has gobs of headroom, and hardly any of the features that we take for granted these days on even the cheesiest mixers. I used my 508 to submix drums to a M1524, for live sound, and it was clean and punchy, the way drums should be. They go cheap on the internet these days.
As a sidenote the M508 and the M512 were popular with broadcast facilities for their remotes. They are very immune from RF, very clean, and had decent gain at the inputs. Other mixers like this were Sony and
Ramsa, the Japs ruled that market back then, and rightfully so.