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microphone to record a violin?


Ok so I play a lot and would love to record. Recording is also great for practice. However there are SO many different types of microphones from large diaphragm condensers to tube mics to ribbon mics and it gets overwhelming. I am looking for something that will sound closest to whatever Perlman uses. I have a fairly small room to record in that I could load with acoustic foam if it helps.

Recording guitar, vocals, cello, violin LIVE with 2 mics?


I'm recording a songwriter with 1 large condenser; vocals and acoustic guitar. Also, I'm Micing a cello, and a violin with a RODE ntg-2 shotgun. I'm running both into a Zoom H4N recorder. 

Here's a mock-up of how I intend to set up. Nix the back-up singers. Any ideas or tips?
Much appreciated!

which mic shoud i use for violin recording..


hi guys...i m about to record few pieces of violin...these are the mics i have please tell me..which one would be the best to catch the violin...i have no experience with this instrument since i have been playing violins from Edirol Orchestral. .

Neumann TLM 103. (pair)
APEX 435 (pair)
Sure SM58,57,57beta. (pair)

Micing a violin in a rock band


i do the live sound for a progressive rock band that incoperates a violin, the problem we have been having is with the feedback on using a mic(not to mention lack of mobility) ive been using an acoustic guitar transducer mad by dean markly, first because it was the only thing we could afford but it sound amazing with verry low feedback, the problem with them is they die in about three months th

Microphones for Violin


I am currently doing a project invovling violin right now and in past projects I was never happy with the violin sound I got. I have tried C451s but they always seem to have a harsh edge to them. The best I have come up with so far is using a 414 about 12" above the scroll angled towards the bridge. I would like to get that fat robust sound without the edge.

Mic placement recording a violin?


Hi! I'm in need for some helpful information here about Micing violin. I'm going to record it tomorrow so I need it ASAP. The main question is, how should I place the mic? Distance, angle etc. It's a single violin but I'm going to record something like 10-16 overdubs. This will be used on top of sampled strings, so I want it to sound like a part of an orchestra not like a solo.