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Pointers for Recording Acoustic Violin (first time)

Hello Recording Gurus,

I am (primarily) a classical violinist and newbie when it comes to microphones and all things audio/technical. I am looking for pointers for recording acoustic violin and piano (steinway grand). I'll be recording in a small recital hall with wonderful acoustics (and a good amount of reverb). Also, I have access to a number of different microphones as well as any other relevant equipment that would be needed to produce an EP (preamps, etc).

Questions about low budget violin recording

Hi all,
My sister-in-law is going to be doing some "pandemic" recording for grad school auditions and I was hoping to help her capture something nicer than what she was going to try with her phone or webcam or whatever. It's mostly solo classical violin pieces and a couple with piano. And if I'm being honest I'm also looking for an excuse to get myself some gear, since I've been interested in recording for a long time. I've done some research, mostly on forums like this one, and I was hoping to get a little advice on my planned setup.

Beginner recording classical solo violin

Hello everyone,
I am totally new to audio recording and I am try to get into the subject. I will try to summarize all my struggles in a very simple way and hopefully get good advice on how to continue.

-What I need is to record classical violin solo pieces, both in recording sessions as in live performances (audio/video).
-Gears I have to use:
MICs: RODE NT55 matched pair on a stereo bar (cardioid and omni capsules available)
DAW: Studio One 3 Artist

Recording violin, cello and harpsichord


I explain a little about my situation. I am a violinist and I have some experience in recordings (rather being recorded, which has given me some experience especially in editing) but I do not have much experience as far as recording equipment is concerned, now I only have a Zoom H6 and a couple of mics Studio Projects C4 with which I usually record some concerts.

I would like to invest and start recording my group (violin, cello and harpsichord, http://www.scaramuc…) and get the best results as possible.

microphone to record a violin?

Ok so I play a lot and would love to record. Recording is also great for practice. However there are SO many different types of microphones from large diaphragm condensers to tube mics to ribbon mics and it gets overwhelming. I am looking for something that will sound closest to whatever Perlman uses. I have a fairly small room to record in that I could load with acoustic foam if it helps. Should I just rent expensive Royers whenever I want to record? Will they make that much of a difference?

I was looking at the RODE NTR
Royer 101

Help! My violin tracks are killing my ears.

I just got these violin tracks from a remote recordist. They obviously weren't recorded in the most ideal way, and I'm trying to figure out whether they will be useable or if they will need to be re-tracked.

The problem with them is that they're harsh as hell and make my ears hurt within two minutes of listening. That doesn't give me a lot of time to play around with them and try to figure out how to treat them so that I can listen further and keep working with them.

Advise on violin pickup...

Not sure if this is the right forum for this, but it seemed the closest...

My wife plays violin and, increasingly, she's finding opportunities to play it in a rock band setting. She'd like to experiment with lead-guitar-type effects, but doesn't want to put the money into a solid-body electric violin (at least no yet). So. We thought we could try putting a pickup on her acoustic violin and play around with the idea before making the jump to a real electric violin.


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