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WaveLab is a digital audio editor and recording computer software application for Windows and macOS, created by Steinberg. WaveLab was started in 1995 and it is mainly the work of one programmer, Philippe Goutier. Audio can be edited as a single file, a series of files or a multitrack "montage".

Wavelab 4 drop outs

I am not sure where this problem really lays but lately a when recording some streaming music off the web with Wavelab there are dropouts occurring. Here is a waveform screenshot to give a better idea

It is happening at random intervals but quite frequently.
For years Wavelab had been working flawlessly up until the PC got hot one night due to a cooling issue.
I have done alternate recordings with Audacity to compare and most of the time it does fine with no dropouts.

Trying to burn master CD for replication in wavelab essential

I am using wavelab essential to make an audio montage of wav files to burn a master CD for replication. Followed all the guidelines and ticked check CD before burning. Burned okay and plays back in my computer no problem via my itunes media player but will not play back on my CD player. .is there a problem, or will the CD replication plant accept this as a glass master ?

Mastering in Wavelab - HELP!

Hey guys... I'm completely new to mastering and basically I will openly admit that I have come to leech off your knowledge..

The objective of this thread as far as I am concerned is to establish the following -

A) What are the primary objectives of mastering in clear detail and what are the necessary BRIEF steps to achieve them. (I am sure I will learn the methods from you in time.)

B) I just got wavelab and I am wondering where the hell I start with mastering.

Would need some help using Wavelabs 5

Hi i am new to using Wavelabs 5 and i would need some help here. I have played around a lot with the software by now and I have learned a few things except, the main thing. How to get my mixing, editing and mastering going. See i have recorded my songs on my Yamaha Aw-1600 and put them on CD's, which makes them to a CDa. file. And all i am trying to do with my songs in Wavelabs 5 is to import them, mix and edit (8 channels). And master to a final product. I got 2 demos to go through. I hope that somebody out there can help me, it would be so great!


May I ask you guy to point me in the right direction again on something? In Wavelab…

What menus do I refer to when wanting to layout 3 songs, balance them for equal volume, and record them all on one file (with spacing between, like a demo CD).

Also, does anyone recall if Wavelab has the ability to convert a wav file into an mp3 (like Cubase can)?