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Webinar this September: Recording Music Using a Multitrack Reel-to-Reel Tape Recorder

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The subject of our next webinar, on aspects of tape and reel-to-reel recorders, is recording using a multitrack tape recorder. From 4 to 24 tracks tape is back in the studio, so we at Reel Resilience thought we'd better talk about it! More information about the webinar, who we are at Reel Resilience and how to book, can be found here. Love to see you attend.

Digidesign Live Sound Webinars

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Hello my fellow live sound dudes and dudettes ...
Just wanted to alert you to some upcoming webinars that I'll be doing on behalf of Digidesign. The subject matter will be specific to live sound workflows and Digidesign live sound and recording products. I'll be doing one per month -- The first one is on Wed, April 23rd at 10AM PST. See the address below for more info and sign up -- Hope to see you there!

Robert Scovill

Wireless Webinar sponsored by Audio Technica

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"It’s getting noisy out there. The FCC changeover to digital television and reallocation of the 700MHz band will bring a rush of newcomers into the bands currently utilized by the professional AV industry. The license auctions begin in January, 2008, and the battle lines have been drawn. As the RF neighborhood gets busier, it’s vital for wireless system owners and system integrators to know how their reception works, and to use the best techniques to install antenna systems for the best performance possible.