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Interfacing Ambient Recording ACN-CL to MOTU DTP

Video has an Ambient Recording ACN-CL (which outputs carry timecode and genlock) and can provide me with output from the Ambient on a BNC cable.

I have a MOTU DTP, which has a BNC video input that can genlock to video and to VITC.

Am I correct in understanding that I can then take the DTP SMPTE output (which is on TRS) and record that on an audio track, with video being able to use that audio track in post to sync recorded audio to the recorded video?

Suggestions for new mic tests on Youtube

I've been thinking about useful reviews for my Youtube channel, and the stats show that people like comparisons with counterfeit or just plain and simple dirt cheap mics, up against the usual branded products. Years ago, I played the cello, and just laid my hands on one for the first time in 40 years. I thought of doing a recording of this using expensive, mid-range and cheaper mics, but then read an internet post on recording guitar cabinets - so I thought about maybe combining recording a cello vs an electric bass?

One Last Song

Hi folks,

I posted a month or two back about how I'm getting back into recording. Well, I finally have a rough mix ready for your ears! This is a song I wrote a few years back. The mix still needs a lot of work, and there are a couple small parts I am going to re-record, but I think it's at the point now where it can benefit from some peer feedback. Let me know what you think. General impressions, and also the finer details. The more in depth the better! 

I'm specifically wondering: