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Commentator's Microphones - the Coles 4104

Not really our type of microphone, but worthy of a quick look, maybe?

A ribbon mic you can put on your lips and shout into without damage, or can even whisper into.

In fairness, if you are going to record quiet commentary, then it needs a cloudlifter - but this was recorded straight into a Zoom H6, before I levelled out the clips. No brain work for this one - just a rather neat mic that could come in really handy if you ever need to record clean audio in a crazily loud environment.

M/S and mixing ribbons and condensers - possible phase issues?

I posted recently about a job coming up where I was going to use a condenser mid mic, and a ribbon side mic, and useful piece of information emerged. There was some evidence that as ribbons use a different operational mode there would be a 45 degree phase shift, and this could wreck M/S recordings which use combining channels to produce the stereo channel that can then be adjusted in width after the recording - a useful technique.



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