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NAPSTER...The Biggest Can of Worms

OK, audiokid, lets get out the old can opener,
and see what pops out...

I'll be the first one to confess that I use
Napster. I've even suggested to other people
that they go into Napster to hear some songs.
Metallica tried to pull the Napster plug, but
their songs are still on there for all to
download. There are old songs on there that
you may not be able to easily obtain otherwise, if at all. But, I'd have to say that most of the songs are still available by

...or the Finalizer 96k ?

audiokid, Angelo,
been heavily thinking, so I put the Distressor on my future list .
In fact what i need now is a mastering tool, definitely before the end of the year .
So the Finalizer 96k costs appr. as much as the GoldBundle, but unless Waves releases the 24 bit version for the C4 & RenRev - they mailed me they're working on it,so they also could be used with the 24Core - would the Finalizer not be the obvious choice ?

Thanks for the help

Acoustic Guitar Mics & Techniques?

Been playin w/my little Martin D-1 trying to get that GREAT guitar sound (to record into a gtr/vox mix).
Been playin with Sure SM81's, 414's, Oktava 012's. Tryin a few different pre/Eq's, and then into Distressors. (also have an AKG SolidTube, Blueberry, and a Lawson L47MP on the way)

Either I CAN get the sound I want and haven't found it yet (technique advice needed), or there's an ULTIMATE mic set I MUST HAVE to do this.

Or of course both.

Trying out the little Oktava's for a week. Was 'talked out of' trying the Neumann KM184's.


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