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A&H Zed 14 for summing mixer.

Hey all,

After tons of planning and meetings I've got my new setup pretty well defined both for the immediate and long term.

I'm interested in an economical way to experiment w summing. The setup will be RME babyface pro for main tracking/monitoring adda, and capture ad, and the Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 as the multi-channel playback to feed the summing mixer, and any sort of surround speakers.

After reading a good thread here recently about the Allen and Heath, I looked into the zed14. It's a great price and perfect channel count for my mini setup, just wondering if it would do the job, or is to good to be true.

My goal obviously w this isn't ultimate fidelity, but rather to capture my ideas decently, and get experimenting with outboard summing mixers and techniques.

This is in preparation for a larger Orion/isa828/roll music fulcrum based professional setup in a purpose built room.

I'll be using this scaled down setup for about the next year day to day, and then either breaking it down into different things like a portable setup, one for my tool shed.

I'll likely keep the RME as the capture conversion in the big setup or get another one.

So basically this is the main setup for the interI'm and the a secondary/or broken down system when the new studio is finalized.

The interI'm is for experimentation,
File archiving/organization/demos, and some YouTube type things which will be posted as 'keeper'.

Sorry to be long winded, just wanted to show the scope of what I'll be using the zed (or whatever) for. Rane has a line mixer that is at the same price point.


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