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I have  a  couple of Rane 26B line mixers in to modify.  One unit had a flaky right side output connector and both had broken power connectors.  The Rane 26B use a phone type connector for its power connection. 

Connectorsinside the Rane 26b

Seems a bit 'light duty' for field work to the owner. So after discussions we decided to go with labeled XLR style connectors.  Mechanically they will be much more robust, The owner will need to make sure he does not plug the wallwar output into a audio output but he was comfortable with that.


Rane 226B Power Connector


Boswell Wed, 11/17/2021 - 02:49

Looks nice, Link!

For the power inlet, I think I would have gone for 4-pin XLRs, like the type used in the film industry. They have the same bodyshell as the audio XLRs, but pin 1 (always ground) on the male connector is longer than the others so that it makes conact first. It's up to the designer how the other 3 pins are used, but there's a moderately standard pinout convention for low-voltage power.