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The strangest problem ever!

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So yesterday my band was about ready to record when i had a problem with garageband.

Im using a Multimix w/ USB and just plugging the usb cord straight into the front port of the tower on my Mac G5. But when i hit the record button, the singal spike cliped, the went back to a plain signal, then it spike cliped again but this time it held it out until i hit stop. (its very confusing)

But then i tried a different port. It worked for a while, but then it did it again. I finally tried using a hub even though you are not susposed to and it worked fine. I just dont get whats happening.

I think my multimix is broken, do u think guitarcenter will replace it if it is?


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Member Mon, 11/13/2006 - 09:56
At this stage it is hard to say whether the G5 is responsible.

Email the tech support for your multimix, they may have the answer.

Talk to guitar centre about it.

Search the forums for anyone with similar problems.

Then think about Apple. Don't count on them solving the prob tho