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Is there a sound difference in DAW's ?

Ive read, where some people say that if you load up the same tracks in different DAW's on the same PC, use the same hardware and monitors and press play, each will sound different. I find it hard to believe. Anyone ever do an actual test ? Its all digital. I can see where different hardware would effect the sound. But not software. Let me know if you know anything to back up such a claim.


Kapt.Krunch Wed, 09/03/2008 - 04:35
Assuming these were fresh tracks, played back with no effects, etc.?

Perhaps there's a difference in the track levels? How do you know for sure that you have the tracks set EXACTLY alike? By using meters? How do you know for sure each program is calibrated the same?
How do you know for sure that what is considered a flat EQ in this program is the same flat EQ in the other?

Any time anything different is done to anything, it has a more likely probability of causing a difference, than not.

Differences in the way the software is written and the data handled could make a difference.

Then again, someone could hear a difference in a blind test if they even THINK it's different, but it was the same. And some could not hear a difference if it was different.

BTW, this has been asked before. Do a search, and there are even m ore lengthy arguments and answers.


Member Wed, 09/03/2008 - 05:13
If it is all digital stems with no effects, then they should be exactly the same. (I know Samplitude and Pro Tools are)

I have head comments like "That sounds like Pro Tools." If that is the type of thing you are talking about, then I would guess that the reference is not to the way the DAW adds digital levels, but to the type of processing that is typically done in the application. For example, Pro Tools Beat Detective creates a very tight sliced audio sound. Groove Quantizing is also common on Pro Tools.

Also the built in EQ will have it's own sound depending on how it is implemented in software.