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better signal to noise with dry guitar

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I am recording some dry guitar tracks tonight and am getting more hiss than I want when going back through the pod. I have a les paul going straight into an avalon 737 then into the mixer. I am coming out of an aux, balenced, into a radial JDI then unbalenced into the pod. The pod then back into the mixer. I am just getting too much hiss on the pod sound. Am I doing something wrong? Any thoughts?


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Member Wed, 11/05/2003 - 13:03
Hack the POD unit is a line in device sending the guitar thru the 737 ( a line input device +++ ) then in to the pod will just add more signal chain and thus gain/noise , also the POD has compression already built into them ( even without an fx inserted ) then you may be recompressing with the 737 , over compression or sensitive threshold settings on the compressor will do this also

Use the minimum amount of equipment to get to the sound you want , then expiriment with adding other things in the signal chain