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Real Guitars? Or can we just go the VSTi route?

All my music of the last ten years falls into chillout, or classical really. Rarely voices, apart from the show tracks and stuff like that - but the stuff I put out there is slowish mainly, and orchestral or synthetic in nature. My guitars get used live with the band, but my own recordings are pretty old-fashioned. I'm happy with this.

Need help with noise on guitar track

Whenever I record the guitar, I get this super high pitch hissing noise that I can get rid of with a noise gate fx when the guitar isn't being played (very beginning of the clip) But as soon as he starts playing, the noise gate isn't effective any longer. You have to turn the volume up louder to hear it clearly.

This is an archtop guitar, plugged into a reverb pedal, plugged into the mixer, and the mixer outputs to the inputs of the video camera (the guitar isn't mic'd)

Thanks for any input on what the noise is, and how to eliminate it completely if possible.

Too much bass in DI guitar signal

so I've just gotten into recording and for some reason my DI guitars are always waaay too bassy with a complete lack of presence. Is there a way to change the DI EQ without always having to do it afterwards?

I'm using a Squier John 5 tele straight into a Focusrite Scarlett 3rd gen solo interface. When I use EQ to get rid of the low end, the guitars start sounding thin and harsh. I've tried a bunch of different amp sims and IRs and even tho they sound great with everything at noon in YouTube videos, they are unusable for me and I have to do some extreme tweeking.

Recording a Rumba Flamenca nylon string guitar

Hello Forum,

I'm trying to find any tips on how to record a Rumba Flamenca Nylon string guitar using a single condenser mic. Also, any information on how to apply EQ, compression, reverb, etc to the guitar. Is there any online application that can provide you like a guide on what settings to use on reverb or delay or any other effect?

Thanks in advanced,


How to determine cause of guitar hum?

We've been trying to solve a hum problem. We know it's not the guitar (archtop with set in humbucker) because the hum only occurs in one particular place in the room. If we move the guitar even a couple feet away, the hum stops. Discovered that the hum is negligible when using a wood bridge and wood tailpiece. Worse with metal bridge and metal tailpiece. We know that the wiring and grounding of the hardware is correct. We've unplugged lights, computers, etc from nearby. So what could cause a low hum that goes away when you move the guitar from one specific position?

Dual engine rack effects for guitar

I have a marshall tsl 100 head which has a seperate effects loop for the clean channel and a seperate fx loop for the crunch and lead channels. Currently i am running my boss chorus pedal on the clean fx loop and my boss delay pedal and boss pitch shifter on the crunch and lead fx loop. I want to essentially have seperate delays and reverbs on the clean and crunch/lead channels so instead of adding another delay pedal on the clean loop and seperate reverb pedals on each fx loop could i not just add a programmable rack effects unit that has two processors. I.e.