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I mentioned in other posts about this project I'm working on in PT and 10 drum tracks.

So how do I use beat detective on 10 tracks? I've used it on bass, and piano with much success, but when it comes to drums, I'm baffled, even though it's probably the easiest way to use it.

From what I see, I can only use BD on one track at a time. Let's say I start with the kick. I cut it up, and place the hits correctly in time. Now what happens is that the kick isn't playing at the same time as the snare and OH, which cause weird "delay" sounds. If I do snare and kick seperately, it might not pick up the kick from the snare mic, so it won't align it as it was aligned in the kick track. How do I use BD on the kick, snare and toms, while keeping it all together with each other including the OH? Is there a way to multiply select it?

This is an utter mystery to me. Please help me shed some light on this!

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anonymous Sun, 02/05/2006 - 22:27

johnwy wrote: It will be easier if all ten tracks were grouped together, and (susequently) all ten tracks selected. Beat detective will work over multiple tracks, unless your using Protools LE then your stuck doing one track at a time.

not only will it be easier, but if you beat detective drums track by track, you will have some really interesting phase issues. Get on a TDM, HD rig group the 10 tracks together and make the proper note adjustments, strength, etc...

The only thing i like about pro tools is Beat Detective. There really is nothing better yet.

anonymous Thu, 02/09/2006 - 17:33

How to use Beat Detective on a multi track drum kit in PT le

- Create a stereo audio track and place it above the Drum kit in the edit window.
- Submix your drums(record them) to the stereo track you just created.(Or just submix the area you want to apply Beat Detective to)
- 'Group' the whole kit along with the newly created submix.
- Select the area that you will use BD on in the stereo submix.
- Open BD to separate regions. Notice if you grab the yellow lines for fine adjustment it appears all the way down your whole kit. (very helpful for fine editing)
- When you separate regions in BD only your submix gets separated.
- With the grabber tool select the first separated region. Since your tracks are grouped you'll notice the selection extends all the way down your whole kit.
- Hit 'B' key (Commands Focus mode) and your whole kit will have it's first separate region.
- Hit TAB(without the tab to transient on) This will Locate the edit cursor to the next region-boundary.
- Hit 'B' key again to separate the whole group.
- Keep doing this until the area you want to BD is all separated. You should be able to do it very fast. TAB then 'B', TAB then 'B', TAB then 'B', etc.
- Ungroup your drum kit now.
- Select the area you want to BD on your first kit peice track. Kick drum for example.
- Open BD and apply 'region conform' to your selected area. Hit the 'semi-colon' key to move the selection down to the next track and hit 'conform' again. Repeat this until each kit peice is done. You can do this very fast.
- Now do the exact same step above to edit smoothing.

Credit Goes to Shan at the Digidesign DUC