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I have a Yamaha MSP5A monitor.. that's what the salesman suggested me to get for mixing ... but I found out the bass is too strong and i don't quite like it... it's kinda annoying...
I am not sure if that's because of my soundcard or that's because of the monitor itself... (because I have to wait for awhile before I can use my M-audio soundcard.. I am just using my regular laptop built-in soundcard for now..) .. does anyone know about this?
thanks a lot!


anonymous Wed, 11/16/2005 - 11:11

hi karen, welcome to RO

the msp5 is a fine monitor for the money you pay, if you have far to much bass, then it could be easy your room / setup.
they are naturally everything but bass heavy!

are they standing squashed in the corners? sounds like a basstrap of the room to me, try to change the position of the speakers around and listen what happens...
or do they stay on some wobbly stands / material??

if it remains, then it could be the card, don't know how bad the card in your laptop is, but with a m-audio you should not have any serious amounts of to much bass either, or your mixes are simply to bass heavy, and it's not the speakers at all...

try to change the speaker position first / and consider a accustic room treatment...
then card, and so on...

hope it helps.

jonyoung Wed, 11/16/2005 - 13:59

Hi Karen,

It probably is a room issue.....or if you're listening to things you recorded or mixed through your previous speakers, you might have piled on the low end EQ for it to sound full? What size and shape is the room you're using? My control room is 10x14x9 and is heavily treated with traps and diffusers. Small rooms like this are notorious for standing waves in the bass frequencies. Try doing a mix to stereo, burn a CD of it and see if the excess bass goes away when you listen in your car or on a different system. If it does, you're sitting where there's a node of a bass wave. If the opposite is true and things sound in balance on the MSP5's but bass heavy everywhere else, you're sitting in the antinode of the wave. Definitely be sure to keep your monitors away from corners and at least a couple of feet away from the wall.