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An active monitor does not require external amplification, as amplifiers are housed within the cabinet. The input signal entering the monitor passes through the crossover network first, after which each band is separately amplified before being sent to the relevant drivers. ... This would be called a “bi-amp” system.

Trying to use my Active sub with active monitors

Hi all,
My power amp has blown, so I'll be getting some near gear, and was hoping to be able to use my sub in my new setup.
At the moment, it's
Audio interface (Which needs to be replaced as not working with Windows 10) ---> Power amp ----> Subwoofer (PSB Image subsonic 6) -> Tannoy reaveals PASSIVE monitors.

Active Monitors Always... Active!

Hi guys,

I have a weird question for this forum, I guess, but anyways. I got a pair of Behringer truth b2030a (or some kind of that), those are active studio monitors. I just wonder whether it's ok to keep them always on or should I better turn them off, when I don't need 'em? May the constant state of being on damage them?

Thanks, people, and all the best to ya!