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active monitors


An active monitor does not require external amplification, as amplifiers are housed within the cabinet. The input signal entering the monitor passes through the crossover network first, after which each band is separately amplified before being sent to the relevant drivers. ... This would be called a “bi-amp” system.

Trying to use my Active sub with active monitors

Hi all,
My power amp has blown, so I'll be getting some near gear, and was hoping to be able to use my sub in my new setup.
At the moment, it's
Audio interface (Which needs to be replaced as not working with Windows 10) ---> Power amp ----> Subwoofer (PSB Image subsonic 6) -> Tannoy reaveals PASSIVE monitors.

So I'm going to be changing the audio interface to most likely
Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 3rd Gen

Active monitors - front port vs. back port

Hello all, new member here.. I just discovered this forum based on a referral. Looks like a great collection of very knowledgable folks hang out around here. I have lots of reading to do!

I am looking at various models of active studio monitors with a budget of up to $1500 for a pair. These will be used for mixing and mastering mainly loud rock with some dub-step effects thrown in. I have a Logitech Z680 5.1 gaming system that comes with a sub so I can turn off the satellites and utilize this sub for the LFE.

Yamaha hs7


My current studiomonitors are tannoy reveal 601a and now I'm looking into a second set of monitors for my setup. I mostly do heavy rock punk music with some singer/guitarist coming in now and then. So it's defenetly acustic music only and often to the heavier side. I did some research and pinned down to the Yamaha hs series for this type of production but would like to get some opinionson this. The buget is around 400€ so that would be around 540$.

Rubicon r6a

Hello everyone.

Long time fan, first post.

Just looking for opinions... I have been a long-time fan of inexpensive gear, not just because of economics, but also because it's fun to create "professional" results with "pro-consumer" equipment. In many ways its the content (and the engeneer), not the equpiment used that is most important...
(Not that I'm "all that" or anything... Just an enthusiast with a few years under my belt)

Active studio monitors,2500 US Dollar .

Hi I am new here, and my next purchase for my home studio is a pair of active nearfield studio monitors .
My budget is about 2500 US Dollar .
I'm a little confused, when I listened in the local store and compared Genelec 8030 with Event 2030 my music sounded totally different .
The Genelecs where very accurate but with a thin bass . The Events sounded as they where only bass speakers .
I liked Genelec but I want more power in the bass, and I have no place in my room for a sub .Would be grateful for some advice .

increase gain from ipod to active studio monitors


Im looking for a solution to increase the balanced gain on active studio monitors. Im new to studio equipment.

here is my setup:
2 x Krk Rokit 6 active studio monitors
XLR to mini 3.5
Ipad 2

ipad and speaker volume is set to max. I get 92 Db but there is no punch to the sound. I assume the speakers need more signal going in.
When I use the KRks on my PC, they have plenty off "punch".

Active Monitors Always... Active!

Hi guys,

I have a weird question for this forum, I guess, but anyways. I got a pair of Behringer truth b2030a (or some kind of that), those are active studio monitors. I just wonder whether it's ok to keep them always on or should I better turn them off, when I don't need 'em? May the constant state of being on damage them?

Thanks, people, and all the best to ya!

Using active Hi-Fi speakers as Studio Monitors

Hey there!
First off, I'm new to this Forum, and I'm pretty excited about asking loads of questions that have been bugging me for a while :biggrin:.
As you might be able to tell, I'm really into Recording and studio engineering, and I've found myself some time to start tring to get some recording done properly, and trying to achieve that professional sound I'm sure we all dream about!

Anyway, without rambling too much, the first thing I want to do is have some way of monitoring sound outside of using headphones.


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