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  • Ive never compared the two. I wouldn't expect a big difference given the age and price point of the apogee when it came out.  All the stuff ive heard done with the clarett sounds clear and artifact free. 

    Have you looked at the apogee symphony desktop?

    If you only need 2 ch, the apollo USB solo is in the same $500 price point, and alot of people use the desktop apollo on records.

    Having looked at the mini me manual, the the dynamic range spec is 105db.  A scarlett is rated at 109db. Specs dont tell the whole story, certainly not just one spec, but still many of the mid range stuff sits in the 115db-125db dynamic range spec.

  • I am in the same situation.  Looking for a suitable SPDIF to USB adaptor for Win 10 on a laptop.  Found a source for transformers to split one SPDIF output to two SPDIF loads, but I really need the SPDIF to USB converter.  Any ideas?

  • Thanks, Bos!

    Obviously, I missed the coaxial bit.

    It works on Win 10, I've been told. You need MS USB class 2 drivers, or ASIO4all.

    The problem is MS dropped USB audio class 2 drivers when Win10 was released. After some protests, they included the driver, to pull it again later on. The driver should be available for download from MS.

    It's a shame, as it works "out of the box" on Mac and Linux and every other OS on the planet.

    Boswell wrote: The MiniDSP is a nice little unit, but is one of several available that transfer data via optical jacks only. If there really were no box that had a coax input, then converters could be used, but they are inconvenient and need a separate power source. In addition, I would need convincing that a simple tick next to "PC/Mac interfacing" on the MiniDSP data sheet denotes supported Windows 10 compatib

  • There's a Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 MK2 going on Ebay UK at the moment. This would satisfy your choice (1).

    If you went for a high-quality interface instead, would you keep your Mini-Me? If you were thinking of selling it, the FireWire versions go on Ebay for £200-£250, and the USB ones for £250-£300.

    I keep a look out for an Apogee USB card to replace the FireWire card in the Mini-Me, but I've never seen one come up on Ebay.

  • Here's a converter for the problem of the optical jack.…

    It requires 5V power too.  That feels clunky to me but might be my only option. 

    Seems I got 2 choices;

    1) Either get a cheap spdif in to USB out box with Windows 10 drivers that'll let me keep my apogee.

    2) Or get a  high quality USB Audio Interface replacement for my Apogee. As such I wouldn't need SPDIF anyway. So that opens up the possiblities.

    I don't mind spending a fair amount to get a flat-out Apogee replacement. But I'd want to be pretty sure it's good if I'm gonna lose the Apogee. Nobody ever downsizes on the quality right? Plus returning stuff is a pain here in the UK.  

  • Boswell,   

    Unfortunately, looks like the Tascam US-144 Mk II has been discontinued in North, Central and South America. Plus no windows 10 drivers;

    Windows XP:32bit SP3 or more, 64bit SP2 or more
    Windows Vista:32bit SP2 or more, 64bit SP2 or more
    Windows 7:32bit, 64bit
    Windows 8:32bit, 64bit 

    What a crying shame. The 2nd hand price looks good.



  • Do you need low latency from your setup? If so the interfaces drivers become important.

    At $319 (U.S. dollars) the focusrite 8i6 is the best balance between price, latency, and quality, that i know of, that would fit your needs.….


    Next step up would be a focusrite clarett, or this antelope zen go interface. The go has great specs for the price and probably sounds on par with your apogee.…