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Hi, I'm Kevin and I'm a software developer and music fan living in Toronto.

I could use your help in launching my new musician's website, SoundCheck.

SoundCheck for musicians

This site is intended for musicians and artists to showcase their talent worldwide to everyone who enjoys their style of music, including:

- Daily feed of suggested musicians and artists, customized to your favorite styles of music.

- Search for musicians and artists, near you or worldwide. Get inspired by your peers in Germany, Australia, Brazil, or maybe just across town.

- Find local musicians to jam with, or maybe find a band looking for a new member.

- Chat with your fellow musicians.

- Use the unique Music Marketplace to buy and sell your used musical instruments and gear.

Best of all it's FREE to use... no asking for credit cards. Later you might subscribe to take advantage of other features... but there will always be a FREE plan ... forever!

SoundCheck is 100% conceived and developed by me - no big corporate overlords here! If you have any ideas for new features, feel free to shoot me an email. I'm still working on the site daily and adding new features.

The site is just getting started so, in addition to the first few users, there are several DEMO musicians and artists included to demonstrate how to use the site. 

Thanks in advance for it out, I appreciate it. You rock!