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I may be able to get a pair of KRK 6000 (passive) monitors for around $315 with shipping, is this a good deal? It was on ebay but the reserve was never met and the guy emailed me back after the auction was over so I think he may let me have them for the reserve price.

I have a Mackie 1400i power amp, and I remember someone here saying that it was great for PA's but that they really didn't like it for studio use. This is my main issue here, because I don't want good speakers and a bad amp. Because from what I've heard, the amp is just as important (if not more important) than the speakers. And I don't know when I would be able to afford a better amp, so whatever I get I'll be stuck with for a while. So should I try to save up an extra $90 and get the Yorkville YSM-1p actives instead, or go for the 6000 passives?

I've heard the Yorkvilles are very good (and that's what I've been saving up for), but then I saw the KRKs and I've heard they are very good also... and now I'm kinda torn both ways because the krks would probably be better speakers, but the amp would probably be worse and offset the better speakers... :)

Here's the description on ebay...…



knightfly Thu, 09/05/2002 - 07:29

Hey Tekker - I have a pair of KRK's K-ROK monitors which are also passive, at least a notch or two below the 6000's on the food chain and I love them. I haven't heard the 6000's so don't know what the Kevlar tweets would do to the highs, part of what I love about the KROK's is their 1" silk domes. I replaced a set of Tannoy PBM 6.5's with these since the Tannoys' titanium tweets drove me up a wall - speaking of which, the front ports on the KRK's make more sense for a smaller area too, less wall interaction for lows. AS to the Mackie power amp, it may be OK for a while, maybe you could sell it and get a passive-cooled smaller amp later, like one of the Haflers or something similar. I wouldn't go too small though, straining power amps are also hard to listen to for long.

Sorry I couldn't be more help - I've only heard ABOUT the Yorkvilles, and mostly good at that... Steve

KurtFoster Thu, 09/05/2002 - 08:02

I still think you should consider a set of NS 10's but the KRK speakers are certainly a better choice then the powered Yorkvilles. As far as amps go my advice is to go on EBAY and do a search in music for Crown Amps. I picked up a used Crown D60 for 85 bucks! These are great sounding amps and should do fine for you. Crown D60 or the newer D75 or even an older D150 or D300. These are all great amps and are available on the cheap! One of the things that make PA amps unsuitable for studio monotoring is usually the slew rate and not the power output. Slew rate is how fast the amp can respond to transient peaks and a slow slew rate can have a lot to do with loseing detail. Have fun shopping! Fats

Tekker Thu, 09/05/2002 - 12:05

Cedar, I looked at the NS10s on ebay also and they usually get up around $400 or $500. :)

I emailed him and said I could do $275 for everything (including shipping) because I have to make sure I have enough to register for my college classes (which I have to pay for in less than a month) and get text books (so the $275 is even kinda pushing it). So if he agrees than I'll get them and if not, then I guess it's back to saving up for something else. :(


KurtFoster Fri, 09/06/2002 - 08:21

That sounds like a good price and I'm sure you will be happy with the KRK speakers. But don't let all the hub bub about ear fatigue get to you. I have mixed on NS 10s for long periods of time, (6+ hours or more) and I have never had a problem. One of the reasons NS 10's work so well is because of the mid range forwardness of the speaker. It forces you to smooth out the mix to make it sound good. That's what I meant when I said I thought they were pretty bad sounding. But if you make something sound good on them, it will sound good almost anywhere!
What I do have a problem with is 8 hour mix's after a 6 hour tracking session where the next day you listen back and realise you have to mix it again. (I hate doing the same work twice.) If your suffering ear fatigue you should STOP and rest your ears... you only have 2 and no client is worth the price of your hearing. Tell them to come back tomorrow, the mix will be better on fresh ears and the perspective of a new day... Fats
"Everyone thinks they're Stevie Wonder"

RecorderMan Fri, 09/06/2002 - 08:35

Originally posted by Cedar Flat Fats:
don't let all the hub bub about ear fatigue get to you.

I totally agree with you Fats.....I'd LOVE some new monitors to carry around with me. the trouble is that I don't want to spend $2k or more..what I'd need to spend to get something I'd be happy with, AND besides; NS10's, (regardless of all the flack that they get...) WORK.
when stuff sounds great on them I know it'll translate.............
a bizzilion recordings/mixes/engineers can't be that wrong.

One thing I HVAE done is, a long time ago I purchased the consumer version, Yamaha Sub-Woofer (YST160 I think). It cost about the same as one NS10 speaker, and makes a full range sytem out of every set NS10's I run into(which are at alnost EVERY studio I've every worked at). One problem with esoteric speakers is that if the client doesn't know them they want to hear it on the NS10's then you switch over to them and your mix in comparison sounds "thin/harsh" because you've been working on a monitor that is fuller/more hi-fi(probably).

With the sub-woofer attached, you do not have to over accentuate the bottom end in the monitoring enviorment of the mix, (a BIG problem with novice engineers on NS10's) for the inexperianced client. They (Client) hear a speaker that they think they're familiar with (NS10),and you now have the ability to hear that bottom octave without over compensating for it in your mix...and if you hide the sub behind the console, they'll never know it. They'll instead ask you if it's the "NS10's or the mains" LOL........

MY ONLY BUMMER IS THE DISCONTINUACE OF PARTS....I wish some one would after market manufacture them.
:p :tu:

Tekker Fri, 09/06/2002 - 13:13

That sounds like a good price and I'm sure you will be happy with the KRK speakers.

Yeah, I know I would be happy with them, but unfortunately he hasn't emailed me back yet, so he may have sold them to the other guy who had the high bid (even though he didn't meat the reserve). It kinda sucks, because when I went to place my bid I couldn't get logged in and the time ran out. :( But I did email him before I tried to bid asking about shipping, and he did reply to me after the auction had ended... but now I'm starting to think that he may have gone with the other guy because I couldn't meet his reserve price. But do I wish he'd let me know either way so I can move on. :D

I'm still hoping he just hasn't checked his email yet....

But don't let all the hub bub about ear fatigue get to you. I have mixed on NS 10s for long periods of time, (6+ hours or more) and I have never had a problem.

I already have ear problems because for the first year and a half that I played drums, I played without earplugs and my ears already have a permanent ring in them (especially in the left ear). I can't mix for long periods of time as it is, so I really don't know about speakers that are known for causing ear fatigue. Using them as a reference wouldn't be a problem (and I'd really like to have them as a referece), but I doubt I could actually mix full time on them.



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