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I'm planning on upgrading my mic which do you think would be better for brighter vocals?..i only have a budjet of 1000 dollars for a mic and a preamp, or just a mic, I'm leaning towards the at2050, but the bluebird is slowly gaining my interest.


blaumph2cool Thu, 01/01/2009 - 11:43

What mic do you currently have? What pre-amp(s) do you currently have? what kind of application is the mic for(i.e. Music style,Voice overs, etc.)?

I would strongly suggest prioritizing the uprgrade of your pre-amp.

I know I know, everyone one wants to get that bright shinny condeser mic to be able to make recording sources blissfull. I've totally been there and wasted more money than i should have on cheap condensers.

The truth is even if you have a really nice Neumann going through a crappy pre...its going to sould like crap.

Invest in a good pre and maybe a good dynamic mic.