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Both have rave reviews. Which do you guys prefer? I'm stuck between the two.

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RemyRAD Thu, 12/22/2011 - 14:18

I personally don't mind the 770's but I've never bothered to purchase any. I still utilize my KOSS Pro 4AA's & Sennheiser HD 414/424/545/280's. I've used more of those 770's with the microphone boom on intercom systems when running a camera for television in noisy environments. So, you need to go and listen to the ones you want to purchase, from the same CD & the same amplifier. Otherwise, I might suggest a Chevrolet.

Have you considered a Chrysler? Maybe a Porsche instead of the Chevrolet or the Chrysler? I've also heard the Toyotas & Hondas are also good. So which one should I get?

Enough already. These won't be your first and they won't be your last. They're like green stamps. Remember Green stamps? You could get an OSTER blender or even a vibrator by the same company. So what would work better for you?

I really miss my OSTER vibrator you plug into the wall. So much faster and more effective than the battery-operated types. I know... TMI
Mx. Remy Ann David