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hi there i was wondering if anyone had used these two mics and could tell me what one they think is best interms of

1. overall sound quality
2. gain before feedback
3.ability to cut through a loud mix (think rock and metal bands)



anonymous Tue, 07/11/2006 - 23:28

if you are doing metal/screamo/hard rock, you can't go wrong with an audix om2. i had an om7 for 2 years before i cracked it up on stage. the om2 is uber cheap, is hyper cardiod so its hard to feedback, and sounds almost exactly like the om7 except its missing just the smallest of upper mid 'sheen'. not noticible live or in practice. you'd have to be ab'ing them like i was and then you'd have to listen REALLY close. i use it for recording vocals sometimes if a condensor is too sharp or singer has alot of sibilance. i've compared them to all the shure stuff and it beats even some of the beta series stuff. plus the om2 is higher output than the om7 by far, which alot of clubs will like. they don't like having to turn their boards up for the om7. buy the om2, or a few, and you won't have to worry about damaging it. save the money and buy a good condensor or an RE20 for recording later.