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I'm recording a choir in a playhouse next month. Its a new venue and concept for me. I'm going to need some last minute help on this, starting now :)

I'm using my trusted SF 24 in the center and hanging DPA 's down on top of them. Hanging mics is new for me.
The LCD are a matched pair of DPA 4011 cardiod's with the optional 2006 Omni caps, I'm thinking omni for this?

BUT! There will also be a small amount of FOH PA contribution. Hopefully that isn't going to be very loud.

Any tips on how close apart and over top they should be? I know this is a loaded question but I need to start somewhere with questions just to get my mind into this. Plus its just fun talking about it eh. howdy

Not that this really helps but, here is the stage view:

Width at Proscenium: 39 ft
Depth along centre line: 32 ft
Height of Proscenium: 23 ft
Height of stage left wing: 14 ft
Height of stage right wing: 9 ft

I am told the choir will be moving around. They are quite theatrical!


audiokid Mon, 11/11/2013 - 21:15

Royer SF-24

Well, it went really smooth. Used two EV RE92H that they had in house for over heads and one Royer SF-24 in front. There was the AC running which was a bummer but it still turned out pretty good. Love that Royer SF 24.

Pic shows the Royer SF-24 in front and the EV mini's barely noticeable/ top tear far L/R girls in the back.

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