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when I bought my mics I just put the mics in the shouckmounts and figured they should be good to go, but when recording the audio is crazy, from a distance away I can hear so much, I can rub my feet on the rug and hear it,when I walk I can hear it, I guess I lack knowledge, the mics I'am useing are the Studio Project B1 and the MXL v63m I'd appreciate if someone could help me out thanks


Davedog Sat, 11/14/2009 - 13:29

Too much gain.

Look at the bottom of the page at the front of your post. There is a link to books that will give a good starting place to improve your knowledge about recording and how to set things so they are usable.

Researching this on your own will, of course, lead to more detailed questions which will be easier to deal with rather than a complete explanation which would take up much bandwidth.