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I have a Groove tubes model 6tm. It has a chinese K67 capsule and a cinamag transformer, I replaced the tube on this mic with a 5840 / 6225, Pentode, Sharp Cut-Off from antique supply and it sounds okay to me. I really took my time and labeled everything, but it is noisy. It needs like 50db of gain on a Great River nv-2 to produce a good vocal level, it sounds good and has some of what I think are 67 characteristics. I once asked Klaus Heyne about this particular mic and he said it was an entry level microphone. I think i bought it in 96 and don't recall it being quite as noisy back then. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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timmayock Sat, 02/22/2020 - 04:46

Thanks for the reply,
I ordered two microphones last night a Golden Age GA-47 and a Austrian 808.
I probably will still mess with the Groove tubes. I don't know a lot about microphone design, but like to tinker. I was told that the tube I installed may not be a real 5840. It was really cheap. I have more to examine thanks to Matt ant Mic-parts.