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I'm trying to decide on a vocal mic for my home studio. I've used a borrowed AKG C414 for while on vocals and on acoustic instruments for the last couple of years and am about to purchase a mic of my own. I've read some on the Neumann BCM104 and I'm wondering how it compares to the AKG. I'll mostly be tracking male vocals/country music. Anyone have any input? thnx!


RemyRAD Tue, 10/03/2006 - 10:51

MDCodeRed, it depends on which 414 you're talking about? The Neumann is strictly a cardioid pattern whereas the 414 is multi-patterned and there are numerous different varieties of 414's. The Neumann that you're looking at was more intended for announcers but has a "built-in" tailored equalization said to enhance vocal frequencies but then so does the 414 TLII and its newer permutation, whatever it is? Both are excellent. Both are different. Both must be auditioned.

Only you can decide what makes you sound best, unless you want to pay me to tell you but then I would have to kill you.

The "UN Dr."
Ms. Remy Ann David