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I've been using a Tascam porta one studio for several years just as a writing tool but would like to begin improving quality of vocals. can anyone suggest a good vocal mic for recording?

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RemyRAD Wed, 02/08/2012 - 18:26

Yeah, anything around $100. My favorite, SHURE SM58. Though if you are a skinhead in Arkansas you might want a Heil? You don't even have an XLR input on that thing. So you also need a microphone transformer. Unfortunately, nothing like that is much available other than your basic generic low impedance XLR to high impedance 1/4 inch converters that utilize a transformer. Since you have this inexpensive little piece, the Radio Shaft gizmo will work just fine. There would be no reason to purchase a superexpensive Radial with a Dean Jensen transformer in it costing well over $100. And you will be restricted to utilizing a dynamic microphone or a condenser microphone that utilizes a replaceable AA battery since you will have no phantom power to supply a regular condenser microphone with. So why the heck are you still using this old piece of crap? Even a crappy Sound Blaster card in the cheapest of computers will yield results better than that thing. That thing was great back in the early 1980s. You do know we are in the 21st century now don't you? Why not just get yourself a decent 100 something dollar USB microphone that will work really great even in the oldest of computers? Some of them even come with awesome multitrack software that will far exceed anything you've been able to do in your little piece of crap. Yes it might be a writing tool but don't you have your computer right there also? Do you use any kind of music notation software? Have you ever attempted to record anything on the computer? It's a whole new world out there beyond the 1980s. Are you driving a car as old as that device is? You might be? I got rid of my 1989 Chevy van only four years ago. I had 400,000 miles on it and it was still running. Actually it was trying to run away from me and it succeeded. I mean after all 2 deer tried to put an end to that thing twice over yet I still didn't get the message until the car told me itself. Even the insurance company told me it was totaled but I was living in total denial about that. So I had it resurrected, reconstituted, refurbished, restored. But then again I am driving currently a 1974 Neve which really needed a massive jump start. Everything you need is available for under $100 at Radio Schlock.

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Mx. Remy Ann David

RemyRAD Thu, 02/09/2012 - 23:49

Sure it would. It would simply go from the worst to just awful. That's an improvement isn't it? I mean that machine really never had any sound " quality " but it did output sound. Of course sound is not necessarily always associated with audio. Audio usually means something good. Sound is just that.. I'd rather be an audio engineer than a sound engineer. Of course my technique is quite sound when doing audio. I knew I should have studied English harder in high school? And why would anybody study harder shouldn't you study better? Hard just sounds well, so hard. Studying better would imply you have some kind of technique in studying. It's not just a labor then. Then it's edumacational. And that's a gooder way to UM, DUH, study.

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Mx. Remy Ann David