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Greetings all - first time here and I'm hoping you can give me
some advice,
My situation is I've been slowly buying gear over the last decade with a view towards
building my own home studio. Well, needless to say that over time technology
has advanced faster than my studio plans have and now that I've finally found the time
and money to put the walls of the studio up -
I find myself in the situation where a lot of my recording gear is now
possibly obsolete or antiquated. What I currently have is a
Roland VS-2480CD (brand new in box, never opened or switched on)
with a variety of
Expansion Boards (Antares auto-tune, Universal Audio, Etc.) along with the DS-90 Monitorsand an
A.R.T. dual channel tube preamp.

The Roland supposedly will accept a Computer Monitor, Keyboard & Mouse
though I'm not sure about it's ability to interface/synch up with current PC based Recording hard/software.

I am basically an old school analog, Board in front of me with all the faders kind of guy
But I am wondering if it would be a better idea to just sell the Roland VS-2480& Boards for
what I could get out of them (probably no more than a grand ($1,000).
and jump right in with both feet and go 100% PC based recording with one of
THESE types of boards: ex=8(Which is about all I'd be able to afford) and either Cakewalk, Steinberg or . ?
I DO already have a 640 Gig Quad Core HP Tower that I plan on using just for recording
so I'm hoping the board and outboard gear are all I really need.

I don't mean to come off as an amater or novice,
but I've just been a hands on player (Guitarist) all my life and this technical stuff
has always been my weak point.

I thank you all in advance for any/all advice you can give me on this subject
because I sure need some mentoring when it comes to this end of it.



(Winona's Alibi)
ps - I'm posting this in two threads to hopefully get a quicker response. thnx!


jg49 Sun, 05/10/2009 - 13:42

Roland VS-2480CD looks at a glance to be a pretty good unit, I never used any of the Roland harddisc recording units. I did use a Yamaha one that is similar.

I have a couple of issues with this type of recorder, first the recording quality (of the Yammie) was not the greatest and second is the workflow. To get anything done it seems like you have to push control/ and a button that has six different functions. You have to scroll thru three screens before finally choosing the option that you were looking for. Not only time consuming but required me to constantly reference the manual, frustrating. When I switched over to DAW, the workflow, after learning the program, was a snap in comparison. While I still sometimes have to reference the manual for functions I don't use frequently, it is right there if I open a new window.

My question is how does it interface with a computer? ( I know you said you don't know.)

The mouse will definitely help in using this unit and the addition of a monitor screen will vastly improve its workability.

It says it records wav. files and these should transfer to most other software so you could record on this, transfer to disc (or USB) and drop into a mixing program and use plug ins etc.

If you already have it why not take it for a spin around the block?
BTW bad etiquette to double post.

robbiusa Sun, 05/10/2009 - 20:45

Ask some questions at VSPlanet. They have sections dedicated to VS2480 and other VS machines.

They also have sections for different software packages and many VS users have switched over to software (and many have stayed with their VS machines) so maybe they can give you some insight as to why they switched or didn't as well as the pros/cons of their different choices.

FWIW, I've had a VS2400 for a couple of years now and haven't decided what direction I am going to take going forward.