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Having finally found an EQ plug I really like I am starting look at compressors. Kjaerhus Audio, Waves, PSP, are some of the names I have looked at. Many seem perfectly capable. I saw a Pultec recreation that would pretty cool but it appears to be TDM only. I need VST (Cubase SX).

Primarily it would be used for individual tracks in a mix but something that could be used on a stereo bus for mixing/mastering would be helpful. I know a mastering engineer would be ideal but I don't have the budget and more importantly I don't learn anything if someone does it for me.

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anonymous Thu, 07/07/2005 - 10:07

Try out the free ones at they are pretty darn special.

The Waves RenComp and PSP Vintage Warmer are OK choices as well, some like them alot, so give them a trial!

Also consider getting the UAD card, as I'm sure ALOT of people would agree they have the best compressor plugins - though I don't think you can demo it before hand.

btw... What EQ did you find that you really like?

jonyoung Sun, 07/17/2005 - 08:52

I'm a big fan of BLOCKFISH by digitalfishphones, I use it on drum submixes because the saturation feature really fattens them up. Take a look at Blue Compressor also. Both of these are pretty colored soundwise, but both free and very useful. The Waves RenComp is a more useful mainmix bus or vocal comp, more transparent.