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Whenever my wife records her voice, it really sets off the 250k range (see attachment) of mudiness. Is there anything we can do to reduce this? I have to go into my Para EQ and reduce it, though it does take away from the tone some.

It doesn't seem to matter the mic or interface either. We started out on a $200 Stellar X2 mic into a Focusrite solo and then upgraded to a Baby Bottle SL ($400) into a Behringer mixer. Both setups give a similar result. Does this typically mean the person is too close to the mic? We try and record close to get that nice deep sound, but I'm thinking it's also leading to an increase in the mudiness.


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ouchris Fri, 03/05/2021 - 13:58

Kurt Foster, post: 468086, member: 7836 wrote:
i think the problem may be your room acoustics. have you tried recording in a different space?

Hi, yes we have done different room types. The one I attached was in a closet with some sound proofing. The one I'm attaching now was in the bedroom with just some standard stuff in it i.e. blankets, bed, stuff on walls, etc and its just as high if not worse.

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