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PreSonus Offers Convology Vintage Reverbs Library for Studio One

Convology Vintage Reverb bundle for Studio One.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana—July 2016… PreSonus® has released the Convology Vintage Reverbs Add-ons library for Studio One® 3, the latest in a series of Add-on products that enhance PreSonus’ popular DAW.

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DonnyThompson Tue, 07/19/2016 - 01:23

I used the Bricasti M5 room - omni reverb impulse on the drums for this track, and a TCE Hall for the backing vox.
Altiverb was the convolution shell. This track, and these impluse files are a few years old, I don't know how the newer Presonus impulses measure up...

FWIW, I used a 2 DAW method for this. I haven't been able to lately because my second computer crapped out on me.



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Sean G Sat, 07/30/2016 - 08:48

Sean G, post: 440007, member: 49362 wrote: I wonder how they measure up to the Bricasti M7 impulse response library ???

So, I downloaded the Presonus Vintage Reverbs Spring Pack...

Now, just for the record, I want to put it out there that I am aPresonus Studio One 3 Pro user. I have purchased just about every add-on they do from their channel strip collection, Prescence XT collection, Presonus Studio Grand XT and many other purchased add-on software soundsets and the like too numerous to mention here so my opinion is not biased because I use another branded DAW,..nor am I trying to throw mud at the brand I have been a long-time supporter of...on the contrary

I am usually an advocate for the Presonus brand and many of my previous posts support this.

But...having said that...

I am very disappointed in this pack. Presonus, you have dropped the ball with this one.

I'm sorry, but IMO this is not a shadow on the Bricasti M7 collection. Not impressed one iota to say the least.

A huge thumbs down to Presonus from a loyal Presonus Studio One 3 Pro user...IMO it was a waste of time and money downloading this pack.(n)

And you know what rubs salt into the wound?...the Bricasti Library was free.

Maybe that upgrade to Samplitude / Sequoia that I've been considering for some time now can't come soon enough for me.


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