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Hey guys, this is my setup, Crown 3600 MA power amp, dbx 215 EQ, Aslhly XR 1001 Xover, Pioneer SR 303 Reverb, Digitech 1000 Time Machine Delay, Peavey Tops [run parallel] and one double 18" Sonic Sub. I am running the xover 2-way stereo with one side of the amp for bass and the other for mids/highs but I am only using the one side of the EQ and only on the mids/high so my current config for everything is like this:

Computer Headphone OUT to Reverb IN [Using a Y cable-PC Headphone OUT 1/8" stereo plug to double RCA], Reverb OUT L and R RCA's to Xover IN's CH1 and 2 using a mono 1/4" adapter on the other end of the RCA plugs. The Mids/Highs OUT on the Xover goes into the Eq's IN on channel 1 then the OUT of that Eq's channel 1 goes into one side of the Amp. With this config the Reverb's signal goes to both speakers [tops and sub], what I wish to do is have the Reverb's signal go only to the Top ends so I try to connect the Reverb "between" the Xover Mid/High OUT and the Eq's IN on one Channel but no signal.

Could this be because that Reverb Amp needs to have BOTH L and R OUT's connected separately to inputs to work please?


Boswell Tue, 01/14/2014 - 09:30

The reverb unit won't know whether anything is connected to its outputs, so I don't think that's your problem - it's more likely to be cabling trouble.

Take a close look at what you call your "Y-cable". My guess is that this is actually a 1/8" TRS plug to 2x RCA plugs, i.e. a stereo lead rather than a Y-cable. Using this in your original configuration would mean that you were getting the L channel and the R channel out of your computer independently going to the two inputs of the reverb and through separately to the tops and subs. I doubt this is what you would want, sonically speaking.

In your second configuration, I am assuming you use the 1/8" TRS-RCA lead to take the computer audio out directly into the L and R inputs of the crossover, and then a second RCA cable of some sort to go from the crossover mid/high out to one channel of the reverb. Can you clarify what sort of cable you are using for this link and also for the output of the reverb to the EQ unit?

mikehende Tue, 01/14/2014 - 10:01

Yes, you are correct on the 1/8 to RCA cable. I first tried one RCA lead with mono 1/4" adapter from the xover Mid/high OUT to the L Input on the Reverb then used one RCA lead from the Reverb's OUT to the Eq IN with the same 1/4" mono adapter. Then from the OUT of the Eq to Amp IN using a regular 1/4" to 1/4" mono cable. When that config did not work, I tried using a Y RCA with mono 1/4" adapter on the single end from Xover mid/high OUT and the other 2 RCA leads to the Reverb's IN and the reverse going to the Eq IN.