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Hi All

Im currently doing a degree in Audio Production and trying to do a specialisation on Reverberation.

If any of you guys here with an interest in Reverb have 2 mins, please could you help me out by filling in this survey

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paulears Fri, 10/24/2014 - 14:40

It's very similar to the ones we get asked to do in the UK from our universities. I usually do them, and like this one, you can see quite big flaws in the research which will distort the results. Looking at the plug-ins in the list, you can imagine these are ones he may have available in the college, plus maybe a few he has also come across - as there are so many reverb plug-ins, most people will need to use the 'other' box to add in their own. I've got 5 not in that list, and only one that is. I'm not saying I am normal - but some in the list, I'd not even heard of! Sometimes I wonder why some subjects get chosen for this kind of research.