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This one came in from my luthier friend.
Halcyon Guitars http://www.halcyong…

If you don't know about Ed, you should ;)

Anyway, the power jack was loose and not making connection. Once I got the connection PCB out, I found the trace on the board had been pulled off the board.

On inspection the connector was ok. The real problem is hard to see but the small solder pad securing the metal clamp was pulled off the pcb. The power connection on the pcb trace was torn from the movement without the secure clamp.

I added a jumper and soldered it in place, its not pretty but I wanted a bit of mass on there. then added a bit of epoxy to secure failed mechanical post. to protect the area from future mechanical forces.

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Boswell Tue, 03/02/2021 - 07:38

Yep, a common problem with power jacks soldered only to PCBs without any other proper form of strain relief. Manufacturers often don't realise that power leads do get tripped over, resulting in large impulsive shear forces on the sockets.

It ought to be compulsory to get design engineers to carry a large, heavy object like a guitar amp across a dark stage while musicians are playing, and listen to the invective aimed at them as they rip out signal and power cables with their big feet. Been there, done that.