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so it seems like people here really love this microphone - particularly on kick drum.

i have a beta52a and beta91 and really really like both of them. can anyone compare or contrast the ATM25 to either of the Shure mics for me?

i have an opportunity to get the ATM25 for $100 (or maybe less). is that a good deal? should i advance on it?

thanks in advance


moonbaby Mon, 01/04/2010 - 15:35

So you have a couple of kick mics...good for you!
The ATM25 is good on that, it has a nice tight sound on kick, kinda round but not too fat. Haven't compared it to those others you listed, but it's got its' own "flavor".
The really cool thing about the ATM25 is that it works great on all sorts of other sources besides bass amps and kick drums. Much more so than the ones you've listed. I use mine on all percussion, horns, and even amps. Really versatile. They broke the mold on that one. Snatch it up, man!

rockstardave Mon, 01/04/2010 - 18:39

oh interesting. i have zero knowledge about the mic except for a few brief threads i read here months ago.

i ended up buying the mic - the seller said he had about a dozen offers so if i dont like it, i wont have trouble reselling it.

looks to be in perfect condition! cant wait to use it.

how does it compare with a MD421?

Davedog Mon, 01/04/2010 - 23:56

You DO understand that this a discontinued mic..(stupid move on AT's part IMHO) So, finding one at that price...and that was the friendly discount for a new like finding hens teeth. I should have bought four of em when I had the chance @ $90 new on a blowout....duh...

This is a mic that you could use on vocals much like the venerable SM7 only without needing as much gain. I sang through mine one night live when the main vocal mic took a dump....the monitors were never better sounding...For HEAVY distorted guitar its amazing...for clean chicken-pickin it works so well in conjunction with a nice condenser. Its one of the best tom mics in the world. Take a 10" tom and tune it way down with some serious heads on it and the boom with this mic is unusually great.

AND...its a tank.

As to its comparison to the Shures, you'll have to satisfy your own ear there, but my bet is on you finding out that that mic is truly one of the gems of the business. On kick I use mine inside and a Kel HM-1 outside.

What more would I ever need on a kick drum???

If you dont know the Kel mics you should check those out too. More Gems. And cheap. In price only.


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