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I have used both the supplied lav mic and Røde GO lav mics with the Zoom F2, but I get no audio using the Sony ECM-322BMP.

The Sony ECM-322BMP has a 3.5mm TRS, so similar to the lav mics, even with a locking connector similar to the supplied mic.

I wonder if it is a pinout issue, so the Tip-Ring-Sleeve is different on the Sony vs Zoom/Røde?

Or is it a voltage/current issue: The Sony needs 2-10 V/1.3 mA, the Røde needs 2.7 V. The Zoom F2 provides 2.5 V, so it should be OK.

Any help appreciated.


Boswell Thu, 10/05/2023 - 04:51

The Zoom site does not specify the internal resistor they use to bleed current into the tip circuit of their 3.5mm TRS socket, but it could be that the 1.3mA that the Sony mic needs brings the voltage down too far for the FET buffer in the mic to operate correctly. You could try using a multimeter to see what the tip voltage drops to when plugging the Sony mic in.

I've met this problem before (not with a Sony), and now carry a short 3.5mm TRS plug-socket adaptor cable that I made with straight-through connections and a 6K8 1/8W resistor between tip and ring to beef up the available current.


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