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After searching for my first "real" preamp I've decided on a Sebatron 2000eVu. I am putting money into an account and hope to purchase it within about 4 months.

However, I need something to use in the mean time. Based on my setup and my needs, I've narrowed it down to these 2 units. I chose them because they have S/PDIF which I can use on my current interface and also most likely be able to use with my next soundcard for 2 extra channels.

I do not expect these to be spectacular pre's, but I do expect them to preform better than the built in pre's on my soundcard.

The unit will be used for everything untill the Sebatron becomes part of the family, after that I suspect they would mostly be used for either drum oh's or kick/snare untill I can get 2 more channels of good pre (looks like the seventh circle stuff) (which seems like that upgrade will be after my interface and monitor upgrades) . So I guess I'll need a couple years out of it.

Which one of these units would you choose? I've read good things about the Aphex 1100 MKII so I assume Aphex has the ability to make good gear. I've never heard anything great said about the art stuff on the other hand. I'm not looking for "tube warmth" bull$hit.

Which is more worthy of my $400 investment?

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imagineaudio Tue, 05/10/2005 - 13:25


I can get a an ISA 428 from american musical supply for 5 interest free payments of $339, free shipping and no tax!!. This seems the way to go. Get the pre's I can use now and for a long time to come. The sebatron will have to wait though.....

I need pre's right now, I can't record till I get them, and this seems to be the best option for me.

Anyody have any other options? I have $500 to spend right now, It'll take me about 3 months to break the $1200-1300 mark, I have no problems making payments and I have not read anything negative about this piece of kit. saving for another few months would mean not recording for another few months

Can anyone confirm this as a wise choice/investment? Im going to see if I can rent one before I buy.....

Thanks guys


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